Signs of Love...

Woodlawn Park is where Wesley found his love of Baseball!!!

On April 16, 2005, at the Woodlawn Little League Park, the Senior Boys Baseball field was dedicated to Wesley Brandon Smith. The day was proclaimed Wesley Smith Day by the City of Clarksville Mayor, Don Trotter, and Woodlawn Little League.

Wesley's love for Clarksville Academy was only deepened by his love for sports.

"This field, this game, it's part of our past"

We wanted to make Wesley's dream come true. He often talked about his school having their own fields. We had been blessed by other parks allowing us the use of their facilities, but it wasn't the same. Several years we used Woodlawn Park as our home field. This made Wesley happy because he had fond memories of the park. The first year Wesley played baseball was the first year Woodlawn had a Little League. Wesley helped lay the sod on the major and minor fields. That is where he found his love for baseball! He was the first to get a hit on the field, and the first to score a run. There are signs that bear his name along with his teammates.

Dedication at Wes Smith Field

On Tuesday, April 13, 2021, a plaque honoring baseball standout, Wes Smith, was hung by Jake Peterson and Dustin Smith, on the wall of school's concession stand and press box behind home plate on Wes Smith Field at the Clarksville Academy Sports Complex. Additionally, we were presented with his framed #1 jersey.

Wesley dreamed of fields that he and his fellow Clarksville Academy high school Cougars could call home. So, here we are, left behind making his dream come true.