For love of a school...

During the morning assembly, the yearbook staff presented us with the first copy of the 2005 Clarksville Academy Yearbook. The dedication page along with the Wes pages is a true honor for Wes and for us. Please read the following as it appears on the dedication page...

Athletics, academics, and moral excellence are traits stressed by faculty, staff, and alumni at Clarksville Academy that are necessary for preparing yourself for the world after high school. We as students are taught from day one to always try our hardest, do the right thing, and set good examples for those who look up to us. This year's yearbook is dedicated to Wesley Smith, who adhered to these standards and lived life to the fullest by this code. Wesley's smile lit up the hallways, and his enchanting demeanor brought happiness to every student. On the field of competition, no one played with more heart and fierceness, and no one wanted to win as badly as he did. Wesley's good example helped establish character in many others around him, and his legacy will live on forever. Clarksville Academy loved Wesley Smith. He will never be forgotten.

Wesley's love for his school was no secret. 

You could almost always find Wes in the middle of everything. He loved his friends, teammates, and teachers.  Attending a small school offers so much, and Wes wanted to take advantage of it all! Wesley loved sports, therefore it was no surprise that he played baseball, basketball and football. He also had time for a few clubs such as FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), Key Club, National Jr. Honor Society, Journalism, Who's Who, and Student Council.  (Oh, we can't forget the Willie Nelson Fan Club). Wes always found time to play with his younger friends too (or help them if needed).  

This year Wesley added one more important job to his everyday schedule. Cal and Wesley had been placed in charge of selling ads for the yearbook. Everyday we would hear who purchased ads and how much they had raised. Wes was so excited when he found out that they had sold more ads than any other year in C.A. history.  Because of that, the yearbook for Clarksville Academy's 2005 year is going to be completely in color. 

He enjoyed his classes and teachers, therefore, he always made good grades. Wesley loved his school, but apparently they loved him too... the school honored Wesley and our family by allowing his service to be held in the Clarksville Academy gymnasium. The love that was expressed to us will never be forgotten.